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Phil Mayer

Full-stack software engineer currently learning the Rust programming language. All opinions are my own.

Math Notes


Over the summer of 2015, I participated in a research program at Fairfield University. Under Professor Mark Demers, our small research group discovered some interesting results about topological Markov chains. The experience of working on advanced mathematics was very rewarding by itself, but I also learned LaTeX for typesetting math and science documents.

I created the following documents either as compiled notes to study as I went, or pre-exam study guides.

Course Notes

I'm particularly proud of these compilations of my course notes.

  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: relatively understandable if you've taken a first course in linear algebra. [pdf]
  • Unique Factorization [pdf]
  • Field Extensions and Galois Theory [pdf]

Course Study Guides

  • Abstract Algebra [pdf]
  • Number Theory: way more comprehensive than the other two. Incomplete since this was made for the course midterm exam. [pdf]
  • Real Analysis [pdf]


  • Computational Physics Midterm Project: the billiards problem [pdf]
  • Computational Physics Final Project: the Lorenz model [pdf]
  • Computational Physics Final Presentation: the Lorenz model [pdf]