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Phil Mayer

Full-stack software engineer currently learning the Rust programming language. All opinions are my own.


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Tech Oddities

  • A look at DESQview/X by Bryan Lunduke. Impressive that a "windowing system" released in 1991 could serve as an X11 client or server with proper, preemptive multitasking. See the related HN thread.
  • The r/vintageunix subreddit is good fun.
  • The Ruffle flash player emulator. Written in Rust and capable of running inside the browser via WebAssembly, it would be interesting to see how this can preserve legacy Flash games.

Video Games

  • I've noticed several open source game engine implementations in recent years. Of note, OpenSC2K, OpenRCT2, and OpenMW are all exciting projects.
  • The Daggerfall Unity project brings new life to the second Elder Scrolls installment by recreating and extending the original game in Unity. I've played approximately 20 hours and had a smooth experience.
  • A gameboy emulator designed to only play Pokémon Blue.
  • Ars Technica's "War Stories" feature on Jordan Mechner's original Prince of Persia.



  • An analysis of "stroads" in the U.S. and Canada. Aside from learning the difference between a street and a road, it was interesting for me to consider how this distinction (or combination) shapes my relationship with a place.