Hey, that's me!

Phil Mayer

Full-stack software engineer currently learning the Rust programming language. All opinions are my own.

What I’m Doing Now


This is a "now" page -- it's kind of like an "about" page but geared towards what I would tell a friend I hadn't seen in a year. Here's an example and a brief post explaining it.


  • Professionally, I've been working at OnsiteIQ since September 2022. My title is Engineering Manager and I lead the team which builds out our customer-facing product. My work split is approximately 50/50 technical to non-technical. My technical contributions are typically staff-level front-end work, such as the recent rebuild of our 360º image viewer.
  • I've been studying Spanish 1:1 with a teacher two times per week over Zoom since June 2022. My skill level is approximately B2/C1.
  • For exercise, I started rock climbing in June 2023. I'm generally focused on top-rope climbing, but bouldering (see picture below) is fun too.
Me bouldering in the Gunks, NY state